Ugly Mug Pottery was born after a passion of creation through stoneware pottery by artist Ronnie Kohrt was found at a young age. Born and raised in Denver, Colorado, Kohrt has been creating handmade stoneware pottery for the last 23 years.

Kohrt’s Japanese background is immediately illustrated in his work with interest in unique one-of-a-kind designs and earth-tone colors to tie into finesse shapes and designs.

All of Kohrt’s work is done in Colorado with a majority of his work done on the pottery wheel, finished with hand-pulled handles on a signature Neriage design, and oftentimes pots found with signature faces and sculpted expressions and silk-screened artwork.

In Japan, Neriage is broken up into two roots to describe the technique. “Neri” is “to mix” and “age” is to “pull up.”

The ‘pull up’ refers to the technique utilized by potters when throwing to pull the clay upwards when it spins on the pottery wheel.

Kohrt’s work has been sold all over the country and can be found on Etsy, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and showcased here on the official website of Ugly Mug Pottery.

Kohrt is a former member of several high-profile pottery guilds and currently creates pieces in Colorado, always pushing new and unique techniques and participating in shows, fairs and displays pieces for viewing and purchases at local businesses around the city.